OSP4 – Raging in KTOWN


Peter Mxxn and Chandler are joined by Dynamite P/ DP/ Daniel Paik/ Superdan0/ HypaTigahhh. We lost Sam to the bar, not the alcohol bar. Dong Hee said he had to count dumplings at CJ Food. Everybody was mad they had to count dumpings on Saturday. He was worried he’d fall into the dumplings, so he asked us to pray for him. On the side we felt as if he was starting to start up a hamster milk farm. On that note Peter Mxxn brings up the topic of… milk… again. Peter Mxxn returns as a thirty year old, Chandler returns from his mini honeymoon trip from Portland. Peter Mxxn talks about his K-Town escapades. His encounter with Peter Jae, shout out to KTOWN COWBOYS. Japanese Ramen… More Korea Town Raging without the K-Rage. Chandler knows, but yet doesn’t know obscure Korean Celebrities. Peter was kissing Peter Jae’s butt, followed his instagram and has a memory of Peter Jae, smiling, and pouring him a drink. Shout out to our cookie “sponsor” Lofthouse Cookies. Go and get them, you will be blown out of your mind. Do it now. It is so amazing. As long as you eat less fat grams then your age in one sitting, you’ll be okay. Bum life in Los Angeles, K-Town, Downtown LA. Jewish people working out in the gym. Magneto is Jewish. Peter watches movies by himself. Chandler agrees it’s okay to watch movies by yourself. Peter and Daniel Paik want to watch Maleficent. A shortish talk about Godzilla. Apparently X-Men DOFP – Days of Future Past was good. Godzilla Spoilers… Chandlers AirBnB endorsement and a quick run through of what they do. Chandler got pulled over in Oregon by some girl cop. Ouchie. Chandler talks about running out of gas on the way down from Portland. Portland food talk. Chandler’s real name isn’t Chandler. Too weird to be named a normal name. White people, and how they try to say their 2% White, 30% Creole 7% Native American 10% Mexican, 20% Irish, blah blah blah.