OSP5 – Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?


DP, Dynamite P joins us for the second week in a row. Dynamite P shares the deeper meaning behind his name. Peter Moon explains how he is a Clipper fan. Daniel Paik is outnumbered two clipper fans to one Laker fan. Why do the Clippers and the Lakers hate each other? Why can’t LA be LA? Song interludes. Jazz Hands. Lord please give us one diamond tree. Shout out to Lofthouse Cookies for making such bomb cookies. You can’t get better cookies than this. Wheat Water. Nobel’s dynamites. Chandler is cross eyed? College crushes. Going from Hueco Mundo to being part of Soul Society. Ban Kai Dance, too bad you can’t see it. Girls that use God as an excuse to say no to dating you. DP’s past. Stone IPA, gargoyles and beer commercials. Gargoyles, the cartoon. Peter Mxxn’s adventure in sin city. Peter Mxxn’s friend meets Beyonce and falls in love with her. Falling in love with strippers. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Raging at weddings. That one friend that intercepts and screws everything up and loses the girl. Forbidden Bro Code, what the hell are you doing? DP looks like a mexican. Being called ahjuhshee. You can eat as many grams of fat as your age. Peter Mxxn buys a luxury car, then takes a selfie. The meaning of based. We are the Number 2 Health Podcast. Facebook and what it’s accumulated to. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Based Mxxn. Josh Groban…? They end this because they’re saying Chandler’s drunk and he’s not contributing anything to the show besides being annoying.