OSP3 – Stabbed by Beef Bone and Selfie Rage


The boys don’t have a name for the podcast and talk a little bit about the back story of how the podcast came to be. Peter and Sam rant about the travesty of what social media has become. Selfie Rage. Ain’t no one want to see a fisherman selfie. #RoadToPromotion Coffee Shop Selfies. Pictures of the weather, I hate you. Pictures of the temperature, I hate you. Picture of Your baby’s first step? I hate you! Posting the same picture everyday, I hate you. False reality photos, people sneaking in car brands into pictures of the temperature, I hate yourself. Why do you need to feel the need to share the same dumb photos everyday. Gopro Gaara. It’s like you’re my mirror. My mirror staring back at me. Baby Selfies, get outta here. They talk about being fat, and being skinny. Peter Mxxn met Yeezus himself. They discuss Kanye West’s impact on society today.