OSP2 – Riverside Banksy


Peter Mxxn used to be the Riverside Banksy. Partying is overrated and responsible versus irresponsible partying at the right time in life. Chandler discusses his exfoliating Korean sauna/ bath house experience. Brokeback Mountain. Peter Mxxn’s weekly massages. Godzilla, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Spider-Man 2, the new picture of Batman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). Peter Mxxn defends Ben Affleck as an actor, Batman, director, and his love for him as a person. Fatman on Batman. Sam talks about the Hearthstone podcast he listens to, Value Town and the origin of his Hearthstone login name. Chandler discusses how he used to play Yugioh with his friend over speakerphone. Torture farts.