OSP1- Caffeinated Piss


In this first episode the boys discuss what the podcast will be called. Peter Mxxn discusses his hate for baseball, the dodgers, Ryu and how baseball wouldn’t catch on if it were created today. Donghee’s love for power rangers, cartoons and his girlfriend. Sam just completed his last day of Law (LAWL) School. Law and Order is basically Power Rangers without the megazord. Donghee’s exile from Korea to Iowa. Sam’s Iowa project. Peter Mxxn’s drunken rage. Peter Mxxn’s art history tattoos. The last Korean prince and South Korea’s national flower. The Korean comfort woman monument. Peter Mxxn’s advice picking up cashiers and online dating. Drug policies & Drug Politics. Donghee drinks 3 monsters, 2 coffees, and anything with caffiene. Single versus Taken and some relationship talk. Dong Hee used to be touched by Michael Jackson. Chandler is a stoner in every alternate reality.