AE – Chapter 5

There was a single lamppost that dimly lit the field. The sky was clear, half a moon and a thousand stars littered the sky. The skyline and stars mirrored themselves; one could only see city as far as their eyes could see. The boys lined themselves up one against another forming a semi circle. This showdown was going to happen. The two schools had stared downed, trash talked, scuffled their way to this point since the few past years. This would be the deciding factor; someone had to be better than the other. The Claremont boys didn’t call them out for basketball; it was no coincidence they were outnumbered at a clear disadvantage.

Derrick straightened up his jacket and dusted himself off. He straightened his body in a fighting stance. “I’m guessing you pansy boys want to rumble.” Derrick gestured at Erick.

Erick glared at Derrick, “Shut up, you’re gonna get your ass handed to you today.” As Erick completed the sentence he rushed at Derrick, catching him of guard, and landing a punch squarely on his stomach. With that all chaos broke loose.

The three Claremont kids that tripped Joshua had decided to switch and turn on Grant. One of the boys jumped on top of Grant, forcing them to both fall to the ground. Joshua dashed over to help his friend. He managed to rip one of them off of Grant. Regaining his footing he looked towards another target. Out of the corner of his eyes he could see Terry lunge over, but by the time his mind registered what had happened the taste of dirt and grass filled his mouth.

Dietrich wasn’t too far off. The boy he had been guarding had tried to land a hit, but he had managed to evade his kicks and punches. The boy was slow and looked out of shape the entire game. The boy punched in, and Dietrich feinted out. As he fell forward Dietrich’s fist met his face halfway breaking his nose. He straightened himself up and scanned the field to see who might need help and found Grant getting beat down by the three boys. Dietrich ran, jumped into the air and kicked a kid from behind.

He got back to back with Grant as the other three boys circled them.

“Three on two may even things up a bit”, Grant said glancing back at Dietrich.

“I just don’t get these kids, I wish they would just stop. There’s no point to any of this fighting” Dietrich replied.

The three boys rushed in swinging. Grant and Dietrich easily took out the first two boys managing to knock them out. Grant finished off the last one by grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. The moment the boy landed on the ground one of the Claremont boys yelled.


In the distance flashing lights started climbing up the bottom of the hill, and they were climbing fast.

“Shit! One of the neighborhood people must have called the pigs. We’re leaving, let’s go!”

The Claremont kids dropped what they had and started to run up the side of the hill to their cars. Dietrich looked around to see that all of his friends were running beside him as they chased behind the Claremont boys

Joshua spoke in a low unurgent voice, “We got to get out of here, if we get written up, and that’s not going to be very fun.”

“Let’s meet at Jane’s house! I’m supposed to meet her there tonight, I’m sure she won’t mind the company!” yelled Derrick

Cars screeched out of the parking lot leaving the opposite direction of the cop cars racing up the side of the mountain.