AE – Chapter 3

The high school kids ate and ate. What seemed like a never ending buffet of pizzas was finished like a cow stuck in a tank of starved piranhas. Dietrich resumed his conversation with Charlie.

“So half the size and yet the same functions, longer battery life, and a processor upgrade? So it’s just a performance boost?”

“Oh it’s much more than a performance boost! The newly enhanced OS will bring a crude version of the newly developed holographic technology to your own Handheld Navi, putting a new depth to communications between one person to another.” Charlie explained.

“Cosmetic upgrade.”

“Yes. You always have a way to condense my verbose statements.” Charlie replied

“Ha Ha, yeah. Charlie you should watch how you say things, you tend to scare people off with your words.” explained Dietrich.

“Yes, I believe so.”

Just as Charlie finished his words, a jock called him from a nearby table. He wore a Varsity Jacket with a “C”, to make sure everyone in the world knew he was captain of the varsity team. His name was Grant Lee and Dietrich wasn’t on particular good terms with him. Grant Lee had changed since his life started to become consumed by basketball. As Grant entered this Senior year, his ego seemed to explode at an all time high.

Charlie replied, “Hey Grant, you enjoy your vegetarian pizza? I thought it was delicious.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t talking to you Charlie.”

Even with this comment Charlie continued to smile, possibly not interpreting the situation.

Dietrich shot back, “Shut up Charlie, you and your jock boys can lock yourself in the gym if you’re going to act like dicks today.”

Grant shrugged off Dietrich’s comment and walked over to his table. He asked, “The boys at Claremont were talking trash. They said something about being able to beat us at the basketball tournament tomorrow but we have a slight problem.”

“Yeah, really? The boys at Claremont talk trash all day, everyday.” spoke Dietrich.

“So I was gonna say, the problem was that most of our A-listers on our basketball team are either out of town for vacation, or tied up. So me, Hughes, and Joshua were talking, and wanted to ask if you and Derrick were up to help us for this challenge. You in? We got to go rep our school, you know?”

The first thought that entered his head was that he could care less about representing his school or to defend school pride. However, Joshua and Hughes were good guys and they helped Dietrich in the past. He knew Derrick would be up for the challenge. He thrived on things like this.

After the slight pause Derrick responded, “If Derrick’s in, I’ll help you guys.”

Grant laughed, “Then you’re in, Derrick was with me when they challenged us.”

“Ohhh, looks like fun Dietrich. We should all come out to support you guys.” said Charlie.

“Haha, if you want, I don’t like how Grant is treating you these days, or how he treats anyone these days.”

“It’s alright Dietrich, I’m sure he will grow out of it.” replied Charlie as he brushed his hair out of his face.

Derrick called from across the room to Dietrich, “Hey Dietrich! We’re splitting the check remember?”

“Alright, I’m coming!” Dietrich reached for his wallet as he walked toward the register.

Grant pushed his way up to the front where Dietrich, Derrick, and Jane were paying for the check.

“Claremont boys messaged me just now and we’re going to go play ball tonight against some of them as a warm-up for tomorrow, you’re in right?”

“Tonight? Uh, I got nothing to do, Dietrich you ok with it?”

“My parents should be back home tonight so I’m done with my baby sitting. Let me just check with them and I’ll tell you if I can.”

Grant sneered, “Hah, higher a baby sitter tonight if they’re not back. See you at the park tonight at 8:00PM.” Grant tossed a fifty dollar bill on to the counter and pushed back out of the crowd and exited with his two friends.

“Jeez, that guy is really in need of an attitude adjustment these days regardless of his family issues I’ve been hearing about,” said Jane.

“Hah, I think he likes you, he left more than enough money to pay for his meal.” said Dietrich.

“WHAT!?” exclaimed Derrick.

Dietrich managed to calm down Derrick, they were lucky enough that Jane was too busy to notice what was going on.

“Joke… joke” whispered Dietrich.

“Oh, sorry… don’t do that again, you put me in panic mode,” replied Derrick.

Jane finished paying for the food and they headed out.

Slowly the herd of friends mixed with Save Mother Earth club headed out to the parking lot. The sun was starting to peak as the clouds started to part. Full stomachs meant happy people, and happy people meant lots of talking. Conversation was everywhere. Derrick started to bother Jane once again.

“So I was thinking that you should never plan our events, because it’ll only be like a Save the Earth Mother meeting, or like a Politics of The World Summit or something.”

“Hey, you never said anything about that, and anytime you ever plan we end up doing things girls don’t like to do!” retorted Jane.

Derrick shot back, “Hey, hey, hey, at least I get the job done, and it’s exciting! Right Dietrich?”

“Ha ha, it’s always better when meat is involved,” A wide grin appeared on Dietrich’s face.

“OH you two make me so mad!” Jane clenched her fist and clenched her teeth.

Jeanette ran over to save the day. “Hey you guys, what are you two up to now!?”

“ARGH, just forget it!” Jane blew her bang to the side of her face and turned away.

“Hey chill Jane we’re just teasing,” Dietrich tried to appease Jane.

“Oh yeah!” Jeanette thrust her finger into the air. “Did you guys hear about the Basketball tournament tomorrow? I heard like a bunch of different schools are going to be there!” exclaimed Jeanette.

Jane turned around and glared at both Dietrich and Derrick. “You two are playing right? Wasn’t that what Grant was asking you about?”

Derrick responded, “Uh yeah, we should be playing.” Derrick gave Dietrich a look from the corner of his eye. “Why do you ask Jane? Do you really care?”

“Because you guys were so mean to me today, you guys have to win or else you guys can’t come to any of our Save Mother Earth club ever again!”

Both Derrick and Dietrich laughed at the threat and Jeanette started to crack a smile.

“HUMPH! I’ll be there tomorrow so just win okay? Let’s go Jean, we got to plan for our other club meetings!” Jane hit both boys in the arm and dragged away Jeanette by her shirt collar.

“Dude, I think we got to lay off making fun of her for a while.” said Derrick.

“No, I don’t think I have too, just you. You’re the one that likes her,” replied Dietrich. As Derrick was about to respond, Dietrich’s phone rang and Derrick was pulled away by some girls looking to flirt with him. Derrick had somewhat of a fan club built on campus as he was the more popular and extroverted one. Derrick looked at his Navi and found his mother had sent him a message that both her and his father had arrived and to remind him to pick up his sister.

“Hey Derrick, I’m going to go pick up Sherry and I’ll meet up with you at the park later.”

Derrick looked back from the crowd of girls, “Yeah, I’ll see you there bro!” Derrick waved and disappeared into the crowd of girls.