AE – Chapter 12

Dietrich shivered, no, not because it was cold. His mind couldn’t comprehend what was going on in the kitchen of his home. His father was being restrained by two men. A man he had never seen in his life was pointed a gun to his face. His mother was blindfolded, but tears streamed down her face. His sister burying her face into her mother’s leg so scared. He thought to himself, “Why had I left? Why had I run away? He didn’t exactly understand himself, his body just moved.”

The man pressed the gun into Dietrich’s fathers face then paced back and forth in the kitchen acting like he was looking for something to eat, “Mr. Lockhart, you have become an increasing thorn in the eyes of many powerful men.” He opened a cabinet and closed it shut, opened another and gasped in delight. “MMMMM, matches.” He shoved the matches inside his pocket and proceeded to shove the gun in Mr. Lockhart’s face.

“I will give you one chance to tell us where your son is.”

“You don’t think I know who you are? If I told you where my son was you’d just kill him.”

“Wrong answer!” He swung the gun into his face leaving a giant gash on his cheek.

“You are a smart man Mr. Lockhart, but wouldn’t life be better if you’d all just die together?” a creepy smile rang up on his face revealing jagged teeth. He was obviously having fun. He started to screw a silencer on his gun. “You got one more chance before I give you the blessing of dying first, Mr. Lockhart.”

“Don’t you dare touch my family, who was the one that hired you?”

“Wrong answer!” He swung the gun into his face once more.

“I believe you are not in a position to be asking questions, forget it, he’s probably hiding here anyways.” Mr. Lockhart somehow managed to wiggle his way out of the two men that were holding him down and jumped up to kick the man in his face. Startled he let out a shout and dropped the gun. He pumped his arms into the air revealing two glimmering knives under his sleeves. Mr. Lockhart tried to dodge the knives but his motions were restrained due to his hands being tied. The knives jammed into his chest. Mr. Lockhart’s hunched over and screamed with his teeth clenched unable to bring remedy to the knives as blood poured out.

“You could have died a lot easier, but no. Kill the other’s, I don’t have time to play hide and seek. We’re burning this place down.” The man picked up his gun, walked over to his father and fired two shots into his head. The two men restraining His mother and sister shot two rounds into each of their skulls.

Tears didn’t come to Dietrich’s eyes. He just ran, He leapt over the wall into his neighbor’s yard. Somehow he managed to evade the men that were still outside looking for him. He ran, he kept running, he didn’t know where. He didn’t understand what was going on. He just kept running.